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Research Agenda KORA

Research on social value guarding lives and health of working people
Research Strategy
Leading a Paradigm Shift in OSH
Solving Pending Issues and Responding to Public Concern
Strengthening Work Safety Foundation
Action Agenda
1.Proactively respond to future uncertainty
2.Identify new risk factors and lead new tech convergence in OSH
3.Reduce repeated risk factors for fatal occupational accidents
4.Reduce work-related diseases by systemic monitoring/intervention
5.Reduce OSH blind spot and solve psychosocial problems
6.Secure and spread practical knowledge on hazard
7.Improve OSH system and safety-enabling capacity
Research Strategy Map
Leading Safety and Health Prevention Paradigm shif
1.Preemptive response to changes in future
1.1 response to changes in structure of industry
1.2 establish OSH infrastructure, reflection changed labor market
1.3 improve OSH for changed manufacturing environment factory
1.4 political approach to changes in accident prevention paradigm
2.Identification of New Risks & Convergence of Safety & Health and New Technology
2.1 find hazard/risk and improve risk a assessment/management skills
2.2 protect health of workers in industry which has potential hazard e.g. electronics
2.3 develop forecastion/intervention skill by utilizing big data
2.4 improve OSH level by using new technology
Tackling Current issue and Connection social value with research
3.Reduce repeating·steady risk of fatal accident
3.1 develop/spread fatal accident prevention due to falls, caught-in or-between and struck-by
3.2 improve system and develop skill for accident prevention in construction equipment
3.3 prevention of chemical accident by fire, explosion and leakage
3.4 skill development and cause analysis for reducing suffocation poisoning accident
3.5 expand practical use of scientific accident cause analysis
4.Reduce work-related diseases by systemic monitoring/intervention
4.1 Improve occupational diseases management system
4.2 strengthen surveillance system on occupational disease and improve epidemiological investigation skill
4.3 protent workers'health by estavblishment of general health management system
5.Reduce OSH blind spot and Solve psychosocial issue
5.1 strengthen OSH protection for atypical workers
5.2 improve OSH level for vulnerable workers to occupational accident
5.3 strengthen responsibility on OSH to prevent risk's outsourcing
5.4 protent workers'mental health and solve psychosocialissues
Building up Foundation of OSH
6.Secure and spread practical knowledge on hazard
6.1 establish systematic chemicals management and spread information about risk/hazard
6.2 produce information on toxicity to identify its hazard and secure reliability
6.3 secure safety of workers by reducing exposure to harmful factors
7. Enhance OSH level and capacity
7.1 improve awareness of workers' safety and health, and spread prevention culture
7.2 upgrade quality of OSH service
7.3 standardize and globalize OSH system and standards
7.4 improve management scheme of safety and health protection device and equipment