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게시판 리스트 페이지
No Report Title Researchers Year performed Summary
561 Development of Sampling and Analytical Method for Tetramethylammonium hydroxide Hae-Dong Park 2016 372089_Tetramethy_Park Haedong.pdf
560 Occupational health and safety vulnerability of workers in micro and small enterprizes : The causes and control measures Jeong-seon Park 2016 372088_Small enterprize_Park Jeongseon.pdf
559 Exposure of Outdoor Workers to Particulate Matter and its Management Guide Seung-Won Kim 2016 372087_Outdoor_Kim Seungwon.pdf
558 A study on gamma-spectrometric measurement for naturally occurring radioactive material(NORM) Eun-Kyo Chung 2016 372086_NORM_Chung Eunkyo.pdf
557 Effective inspection scheme for workplace monitoring through unnoticed measurement Jee-Yeon Jeong 2016 372084_Monitoring_Jeong Jeeyeon.pdf
556 A study on the preventive management of health effects and regulation strenthening for indoor air quality in office Won-Ho Yang 2016 372083_Indoor_Yang Wonho.pdf
555 Development of evaluation index for leading elderly-worker frendly companies Seo-yeon Choi 2016 372082_Index of elderly worker_choi Seoyeon.pdf
554 A Study on the Limitation of Re-Subcontract for Hazardous and Dangerous work Don-Hui Han 2016 372081_Hazardous_Han Donhui.pdf
553 A Study on Exposure Chracteristic of Extremely Low Frequency Electro-Magnetic Field of Electronic Industrial Equipment Kab-Bae Kim 2016 372080_Electronic_Kim Gapbae.pdf
552 Comparison of air diving decompression tables for domestic use Jun-Hyeok Kang 2016 372079_Diving_Kang Junhyeok.pdf